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Our readers write from Bakersfield, California

(Editor's note: Bonnie Vaughn, ESL teacher and Easy English Times Editorial Board member sent the following stories. Some stories were in our January issue and others will be printed in February.)

What makes you happy?

Playing soccer makes me happy and relaxed

by Edgardo Canales (Mexico)

Soccer is the best sport in my life. It makes my weekends the best days of the week. On weekends when I feel sad or worried for any reason I call my friends to go to the field. I make teams and play and my happiness starts at that time. I've played soccer for all my life since I was a child. That's why when I play soccer it makes me happy and relaxed.

First, playing soccer is one of the best sports in my life because I do hard and strong exercise. Also I move all the parts of my body, I get thirsty and I have to drink a lot of water and that keeps my body clean. Second, playing soccer keeps me very healthy. My blood runs faster and my heart throbs without any problem. Third, soccer is a good sport because it prevents me from using any drugs or getting bad habits such as alcohol on weekends. Also it keeps me focused on practicing for the next game. Finally, I love soccer because it takes away many problems of my life such as stress. Playing that sport makes me forget all the bad things. My brain works faster and better. I maintain a healthy weight and I keep very healthy all the time. I love and enjoy soccer.

I am happy when I read books in Spanish.

by Marcela Lopez (Oaxaca, Mexico)

These are the three things that happen in my life when I read in my language. First, when I read I feel relaxed. This helps me to forget my problems. Second, books expand my mind and help me to imagine everything. They let my mind travel to different places. Finally, I love to learn new things from different kinds of books. For example motivational, spiritual, economic, historical, leadership and biographical. These books keep my mind busy and happy.

I am happy exercising indoors

by Corina Herrera (Mexico)

I am happy exercising indoors because it makes me feel very good, with energy and health. Also, exercising is good because it helps me to be relaxed. After doing my routine, I have better sleep. I love running on the treadmill at least three times a week because it helps me to have good blood pressure, burn calories, and to get my legs stronger. Also I like hiking on the treadmill so much because it is another way to burn calories and helps me to gain muscles in my legs easier. I like to lift dumbbells to tone up my arms and my legs, to build my body, and to get strong. Biking on the stationary bike helps me to burn calories also. Sometimes I like to do something different out of my routine.

I try to make my routine daily or at least three times a week, one hour per day, and always in the evenings. Sometimes on Saturdays when I have free time I like to make a little change in my routine by taking two hours to strengthen my body to work with more weight. I love exercise so much and I have enjoyed it since I was a teenager.

I am happy when I repair my car

by Flavio Chora (Mexico)

I am happy when I repair my car. I change the oil. I change the spark plugs, cables and distributor cap. I change the air filter. First, I change the oil every three months. I change the sparks plugs and cap or distributor every six months. Also I change the air filter because the motor needs it for combustion. Second, I like to save money. That is why I do the jobs on my car. Finally, I can feel relaxed to know that my car is in good condition. I can drive sure and take it easy.