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Our readers write from Sonoma County

(Editor's note: The story below was written by a learner in the Sonoma County Library Adult Literacy Program. Stories are included in the book "Impressions," a collection of writings by students in the program.)

The glass beach

by Alex Lee (Tutor: Ben Ireland)

After my final exams of the spring semester, I went camping with my friends and family by the coast. On the way back we went to a beach called "Glass Beach" in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, Calif. The beach was covered with lots of colorful, translucent gravel like I have never seen nor imaged before.

The colorful gravel is made from the particles of many different colored wine bottles. Some pieces of gravel have inscriptions that prove they are artificial. In the early 20th century, laborers of the area dumped lots of bottles of wine in the area and the particles of the discarded bottles crowded along the beach. By the wave erosion, the particles have become round and smooth and they look beautiful.

Unfortunately, recently the gravel is decreasing on the beach because of erosion, wave action, and tourists picking it up. People need to protect the beach to keep the gravel safe, and you need to go and see it before the glass gravel disappears.