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Our readers write from San Diego

(Editor's note: These stories came from students in Mimi Pollack's ESL class from San Diego Continuing Education- CE Mesa.)

Differences between Mexico and the USA

by Luis Garcia

One of the differences between this country and my country is Americans love their pets. They really care about them. In America, if you have a dog and if the dog is sick, you worry and go to the veterinarian, but in Mexico they don't pay much attention to dogs. Another thing is that most American don't eat spicy food, but in Mexico most of the people like spicy food. Another big difference between my state Michoacan and California is in Michoacan when it rains, there is loud thunder and in California most of time there is no thunder.




Differences between the food in China and the USA

by Zhihua (Lisa) Liu

One of the differences between my country and the USA is food. In the south of China most families like eating rice for lunch and dinner. But in the north of China people like eating dumplings. No matter which part of China, meat is not that important for us. Chinese people always believe that rice, dumplings, vegetables, and fruits are the best for our health. People in America, mostly have meat, beef, chicken, shrimp, or turkey. In the restaurants, we can easily find hamburgers, steaks, hotdogs, and bread. I think that this style of food gives Americans much more strength, but there are more fat people.

Differences in architecture between Mexico and the USA

by Andrea Prado

I have noticed that there are many differences and some similarities between my country and the USA, but one in particular caught my attention and it's the architectural styles. Let me explain about this…

Mainly one of the differences about the architectural styles is the kind of materials used in all types of construction. In my country, Mexico, most of the buildings and houses are mainly built with concrete, bricks, stone, or in some communities they still use adobe. In the USA, the materials that predominate are wood, steel and sheetrock. There is a reason and it's about the natural resources that each country has, such as the weather, the type of soil, the customs and more factors.

However, both countries also use similar materials like metal, aluminum, glass, drywall, wood and some types of sustainable architectural materials.

Differences between India and the USA

by Shamim Pital

There are so many differences between my country and this country. The one big difference is clothes. In India, there are so many religions, so different religions wear different clothes. For example, Hindu women wear saris and Muslim women wear long dresses. Some states have their own style of clothes. But in the USA, mostly people wear the same style clothes. Each state doesn't have its own style of clothes.

The second big difference is food. India is an agriculture country. India has so many farms and their own factories, so people make fresh food every day. People make tortillas, yogurt and butter. Nobody likes frozen food. At schools, kids take homemade food for lunch. On festivals days, women make snacks and sweets for families. However, in the USA most people have no time to cook, so they buy frozen food, cook it and eat it. When kids see their parents eat frozen food, they also start to eat it. They take ready-made food for lunch at school or schools provide them food.