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Our readers write from San Diego

(Editor's note: From ESL teacher and Easy English Times Editorial Board Member Mimi Pollack's level 5 class at CE Mesa, part of SDCCD Continuing Education.)

My father

by James Shang Mou - Taiwan

My father has many positive qualities. He is a devoted father and reliable person. He always takes care of all my needs. For example, if I am disoriented about my future career, he always gives me good advice. Also, I can count on him. I remember one time when I was really sick at school. I called him and he left his work and took me to the hospital. I felt safe when my father accompanied me to the hospital. He took care of everything.

My father also has some negative qualities. He is a tightwad and doesn't like to spend money. He is stingy. For example, he seldom buys new clothes. He always wears the same five pieces. He doesn't want to spend money to buy new clothes. Another example is he doesn't like to eat in restaurants because eating there costs money. The reason why he is a tightwad is because when he was a child his family was poor. So, my father always saves money instead of spending money.

My first son

by Ra Derek - Korea

My first son has lots of good qualities, including his character. He goes to Standley middle school. First, he is a very caring boy. He always looks after his younger brother although he gets a lot of stress from him. He cares about me and my wife as well. When we have a problem, he always listens to it, and gives sympathy and does lots of work to make us feel better. Although he is young, he is quite reliable. Second, he is very clever. He is a smart boy, and he always knows what to do. He is better in English than any other of our family members, and he always comes up with a solution to our house problems. He doesn't need help in what he does, and he is a loved first son of our family.

My first son also has some negative qualities. He isn't very energetic. When he is exercising or doing sports, he isn't motivated, and doesn't try very hard. Also, it takes him a while to choose to do something and actually do it. Second, he is quite shy. He doesn't have a lot of social skills, and he is very quiet. Because of that, it takes him a long time to go to new places and make friends there. He moved into a new school in September, and he still hasn't invited any friends over. Although he has negative qualities mentioned above, he is a loved first son of our family.

My son, Jabir

by Anab Gado - Somalia

My son has many positive qualities. He is a kind and devoted person. He likes taking care of his siblings. He buys food when I don't cook, and he picks them up from school. He is a harmonious person. He doesn't get angry easily and loves his family. He is always a diligent son. He works eight hours, goes to school and helps me with the family. I think he is the most important person in my life.

My son has some negative qualities. He is a stubborn person. He doesn't listen to anybody and always does whatever he wants to do. If it is right or wrong, no one can talk to him. He is an arrogant person. He thinks he is the only smart person in the world. Sometimes, when he does something wrong, I try to correct him. However, when I try to talk to him, he starts laughing, because he thinks I don't know anything.

My friend Livia

by Manuella Fortes - Brazil

My friend Livia has many positive qualities. She is admirable, trustworthy, and has a very good heart. She is one of the most caring and honest people that I know. She is always there for me. I don't remember, not even once, that she wasn't there when I needed her. When I moved to the United States I felt at home in her house. I will never forget the way she treated me and my family. My daughter is in love with her. I feel very comfortable leaving my daughter with her. She always tries her best in everything that she does. I compare her to a rare jewel as she is special and unique. She has the ability to change people's lives for better. Also, she is super fun and enthusiastic. I admire her very much.

My friend Livia also has some bad qualities. She is grumpy when she is hungry. She really needs to eat every four hours or she starts to complain about everything. Livia is very indecisive person. She loves to get her nails done. Then, she picks a color and after she's done, she calls me and says "I chose the wrong color, again". The same thing happens when we go out to have dinner. Whatever she chooses she never likes. She just bought a brand new bedroom set, and guess what? The store delivered all the furniture and she hated it, so she called them and changed everything. She is never satisfied, but I still love her.