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Our readers write from Northern California

My story

by Martha Urzua

When I started to write about my house a lot of memories came back to my mind. I was born in Michoacan, Mexico in 1975. I lived there until I was twenty years old. I remember that all my childhood was beautiful. I lived with my mom, dad, two sisters and one brother. My cousins are Esmeralda, Rosa and Veronica. We played together all the time. My house was small; it had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and kitchen. But most of the time we were in the back yard because it was big. My mom planted a few tree fruit trees. Across the street there was a big tree with a rope. We went swimming and spent a lot of time outside.

Atacheo is the name of my native city. It's a small town where the people make their living from agriculture. My dad produced tomatoes and sometimes my mom went to help him. I was ten years old when I had to cook eggs rancheros and make tortillas for them. When my mom came back home, she didn't have enough dough enough to make more tortillas and she was angry. A little time after that, Esmeralda and Rosa went to the United States. Rosaura and I missed them so much. But soon we found another friend. Nine years later all my family got green cards and we came to the U.S. too. Esmeralda lives in Napa. Rosa lives in Calistoga. But sometimes we talk about mischievous things and we laugh a lot. We remember how much fun we had. We would like to be kids again.