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Our readers write from Northern California

(Editor's note: The story below was written by a student in Lorraine Ruston's Napa Valley College ESL class, Calistoga site. It will appear in the June issue.)

My father

by Rosi Ortiz

My father is a very nice person. He believes in education although he only finished the third grade. When he married my mother he went back to school at night to finish his elementary and middle school education. He likes to read and listen to music every day. He always cares about me and my brothers and sisters. When we were sick he always was there and he asked my mom which medications we needed and how we were. When we started to go to school he always said to us that we needed to have a good breakfast before leaving home. He likes to help other people and now he is helping my mother to care for my grandfather.

Now I feel sad for him because he has cancer and all the time he tries to be strong for us and he says to us that he is okay and we don't need to worry about him. I think he wants to show us he is the happy father we know and remember.