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Our readers write from Los Angeles

(Editor's note: Thank you to ESL teacher and Easy English Times Editorial Board member Joyce Mancini for sending in these stories. Other stories by her students were published in our June issue. More will appear in future issues.)

An important moment

by Ayako Kasei, Evans Community Adult School

A significant moment in my life was when I bought a CD, which somehow caught my attention. It was an album by Backstreet Boys. I played the CD as soon as I got home, and instantly, I fell in love with their songs.

At that time, English wasn't my favorite subject at school. The teacher's monotonous voice often put me to sleep. She must have been surprised when I started taking her class seriously. I just wanted to understand the band's lyrics better. At home, my relationship with my mother was not great at all after my parents had gotten divorced. My mother rarely came home, so I spent most of my time alone at home. My cousin and her family worried about me and they even thought I would stray from the right path. However, my passion towards the band and English language helped me be strong, and I eventually started thinking about going abroad. As I finished high school, I moved out from my hometown and enrolled in a college to study English. After college, I taught English to children for several years. I moved to New Zealand after that.

Through my college, job, and one year of New Zealand life, I met a lot of interesting people, and made good friends, who had a great influence on me. When I think about the significant moment in my life, I feel very grateful because without that, I would never have become what I am now.