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Our readers write from San Diego

(Editor's note: ESL teacher and Easy English Times Editorial Board Member Mimi Pollack sent the stories below.)

My son's qualities- good and bad

by Lucia Gonzalez (from Mexico)

My son is tall and handsome. He is 17 years old. He is very intelligent, and he is not selfish. He likes to save money, so he can invite me out to restaurants. He also cooks for me when I don't have time. He does his own laundry because his clothes are very special to him.

My son can also be strange sometimes. He doesn't like blankets and I'm always telling him to cover himself. Before he goes to bed, he sweeps the whole house because he likes everything to be clean. He is a neat freak.

My sister

by Ronilton Resende (from Brazil)

My sister is 29 years old which means she is two years older than me. She is beautiful, friendly and creative. She has nice, natural long hair. She has a wonderful smile. She learns very quickly. She also loves listening to international music. She got married and then became a good wife.

My sister can sometimes be a brat and selfish. When she gets something in her head, nobody can take it out. Also, if you don't agree with her idea, she will get mad at you. She also cries very easily as she is too sensitive. Anyway, she has more good qualities which makes her my lovely and best sister.