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Our readers write from Southern California

The difference between loyalty and betrayal

by Danny Tran
(Editor's note: We extend our sympathy to Danny Tran, our long-time contributor from Southern California, on the death of his dog. We are sorry for your loss.)

After Miguel Guzman passed away, his dog, Capitan, slept beside Guzman's grave for eleven years until the dog died.

La Voz Daily News reported the following story. Guzman lived in Villa Carlo Paz, Argentina. He bought a black Alsatian dog, named him Capitan, and gave him to his 13-year-old son, Damian in 2005. One year later, when Guzman died, Capitan suddenly disappeared from home. All the members of Guzman's family thought that the dog had found a new owner or even been killed. However, on visiting her husband's grave in 2007, Mrs. Guzman unexpectedly met Capitan again. The dog had never been taken to the graveyard. It was hard to understand how Capitan went there alone to find Guzman's grave. The employees in the cemetery said that they had fed the dog. Every night it lay beside Guzman's grave. Guzman's son tried to bring Capitan back home several times, but its loyalty always made him return to the cemetery. Capitan died a few days after waiting beside its owner's grave for eleven years.

The second touching story is about Hachiko, an Akita dog. He waited for his owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, in a Tokyo gas station for nine years. Another example of loyalty was Navy Seal Jon Tumilson's dog sitting beside his coffin during his funeral. It was in a newspaper photo in 2011. The headline of the article was "Loyalty to the end: Heart-breaking photo shows Navy Seal's devoted dog guarding his coffin."

Recently, according to the ABC News, a Yorkshire terrier dog helped find a 3-year-old girl after she was missing in the cornfields in rural Missouri. This case occurred in the evening on June 14, 2018 when her parents called 911 to report that their baby disappeared. The police searched until midnight and continued early the next morning. At eight o'clock in the morning, the dogs of the search team started barking, and then there was a sound of a dog barking as a response. The police force found the baby girl beside a little faithful dog. She was still in a healthy condition.

My pet Pomeranian dog always waited for me at the window whenever I left home. His name was Jack. He always reminded me to eat lunch, eat dinner, and led me to bed. He had been blind for over three months before he died. My relative brought Jack to the doctor to kill him four months ago. I have been suffering extremely because of his death. I couldn't save my pet's life. Jack's death has affected my college graduation. Although I got an AA Degree certificate in Spring 2018, I was unhappy on the celebration day and my spirit has been low until now.

In conclusion, the domesticated dog has good characteristics that other animals don't have. People shouldn't torture or kill them or even take them to a Pet Hospital to have them put to death. The faithful dog always obeys and defends its owner.

Unfortunately, my relative brought my dog to the doctor so he could be put to death. She just did this without considering my desire to save the dog. From this cruel event, I think that some humans don't have the same loyalty as dogs. Humans betray their owners, lovers, friends, country or even their pet; in contrast, the dog is always a faithful pet to its owner until it dies.

barking - the sharp explosive crying of certain animals, especially dogs, coyotes, foxes, or seals.
betray - be disloyal
betrayal - the action of being disloyal
coffin - a long, narrow box, typically of wood, in which a corpse is buried or cremated
faithful - loyal, constant, and steadfast:
grave - a place of burial for a dead body, typically a hole dug in the ground and marked by a stone or mound
loyalty - the quality of being loyal, giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution
touching - evoking strong feelings of sympathy, appreciation