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Dogs are useful and loyal

by Danny Tran, Coastline Community College

I have a Pomeranian dog named Jack. He has been my pet for eight years. He is very intelligent. He has highly acute hearing and the ability to see more effectively in the dark.

Dogs are useful for hunting because they can hear the sounds of the prey that is attempting to escape or hide even if they cannot see the targets. Dogs have been trained to smell and discover drugs in people's luggage at airports. Nowadays, they also serve in the army and in police departments around the world.

Domesticated dogs are always faithful to their owners. Some of them live with homeless people. I'm so touched when I look at a dog that is helping a disabled person or someone who is elderly. As an example of loyalty, I saw Navy Seal Jon Tumilson's dog sit by his coffin during his funeral in a newspaper photo in 2011. Many people around the world were also touched by this image. The headline of the article was "Loyal to the end: Heart-breaking photo shows Navy Seal's devoted dog guarding his coffin."

My pet sits near the window to wait for me until I return home. Moreover, it also reminds me about eating dinner and going to bed. He wants me to follow his instructions. In conclusion, the domesticated dog has good characteristics that other animals don't have. Of course, my Pomeranian dog is my pet and I am very fond of him.

acute - (of a physical sense) highly developed; keen
coffin - a long narrow box in which a corpse is buried or cremated
loyal - giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance
prey - an animal that is hunted for food
touched - have feelings of affection, gratitude or sympathy