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Our readers write from Napa Valley College, California

Childhood games

by Martha Urzua

When I was a child my cousins and I liked to play jump rope, "Chile mole pozole". We would yell and make the jump rope go faster. We also played tag and we would block the street and play hopscotch. I am very happy because when I remember my childhood it was very innocent and it was without technology.

Childhood games

by Marycruz Garcia

I was not very good at jumping rope. I only played "The clock". In this game you had to get in line and wait your turn. The first kid jumped once, the second one jumped twice, the third one three times and so on until the number 12 and you had to start with number 1 again.

I used to play "Basta" with my dad and my sisters. This is a mental game. One person has to say the alphabet, only the letter "A" aloud and the rest in his mind. Another person has to say "Basta". The person who was saying the alphabet has to say the letter aloud. Every player has to complete a "square". In the square you have to write a name or last name, a ditty or country, a flower or fruit, an animal and a thing that begins with the chosen letter. The first person that completes the square starts counting. My dad was always the first to complete it and as we were kids he counted until 30. When he finished counting you had to stop writing. If you finished before he counted 30 you could say "basta" and start checking the answers with everyone. Each answer gave you 10 points but if someone else wrote the same as you, you only got 5 points. In this game the person who gets the most points wins.