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Are you learning English as a second language (ESL)?

Easy English Times is a newspaper for you! Many  readers of this educational newspaper are immigrants learning English. Citizenship information is included. Other readers attend adult literacy programs. It is our hope that you will start by reading this newspaper then "graduate" on to reading community newspapers.

Are you teaching ESL, adult literacy or citizenship?

You can walk into the classroom and start teaching from the paper. It has instant activities. This newspaper is published to present relevant information and current events in an easy to read format for English language learners and adult literacy programs.

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In the October issue...

The mid-term elections are discussed on page 1 in our citizenship feature. Natural disasters have been in the news. What does it feel like to be in an earthquake? An earthquake hit Napa, California where the Easy English Times offices are located. October is National Disability Awareness Month and also a time to increase awareness of domestic violence. Family literacy is encouraged with a play to read with children. It can also be useful (and fun) as a classroom exercise. Many instant activities are included in this issue. Student writing is featured with information on how to submit student writing for publication. The difference between Halloween and Days of the Dead is discussed. October is a busy month for sports.  The DVD review is on "Mrs. Doubtfire" as a tribute to Robin Williams. Information is included on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. All this and more in the October issue.

See October Student Writing of the Month for writing from Cal State University Northridge. October Bonus Student Writing comes from Evans Adult School in Los Angeles.

Below, a class from Vallejo Adult School with teacher Yvonne Martin submitted student writing for the June issue.

Above, Tutor Laura Owens and her student Shuying of the Sonoma County Library Adult Literacy Project. 

Easy English Times at TESOL in Portland

Below Publisher Betty Malmgren and Editor Lorraine Ruston are pictured with authors Elizabeth Weal and Eric Roth. All four made presentations at the conference.

Below, photo left, author and former Times columnist Susan Gaer of California with Lorraine Ruston. Below, photo right, subscriber and teacher Vickie Winston of Texas and Betty Malmgren at the booth.

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While most of our readers are in high school, adult schools, community colleges and library literacy projects, we received this note from a middle school teacher:

"These continue to be a fabulous teaching tool and extremely valuable resource for my middle school ELL's.  I'm using them with 6th, 7th & 8th graders this year, and the opportunity for them to interact with current event informational text at an accessible level is invaluable as we strive to prepare for Common Core."

---Teacher, Redwood Middle School, Napa, CA




Easy English Times has a focus on citizenship! Citizenship information is included in each issue.

NEW - Answer keys are now posted for Learning Activities and can be printed out!

Every month we receive more student writing than we have room to print so we are featuring a few more stories here under Bonus Student Writing. Also see "Student Writing of the Month."

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Are you learning English as a second language (ESL)? Are you teaching English as a second language? Easy English Times provides instant activities for English language learners.
Easy English Times is YOUR newspaper. Easy English Times is designed to encourage newspaper readership. In addition to classroom use, it's perfect for tutoring or self-study.

We love our readers! Above, ESL students from Nebraska point to stories
they wrote for Easy English Times. We love to print student writing! You can email student writing to easyenglish@aol.com

Easy English Times can be used in multi-level ESL or adult literacy classes.  Do you need easy content for beginning readers? See page 3 of each issue for our "Easy, Easy English" page.

Many "instant activities" are included in each edition. Conversation and Internet activities are included. An extra page of learning activities comes with each issue.

A newspaper in easy English!

Easy English Times brings a world of information to high school and adult learners. It's a newspaper written in easy English for those in English as a second language (ESL) classes and adult literacy programs. It is used in library and workplace literacy projects. It is used in jail and prison literacy programs. Published 10 times a year, Easy English Times is used in ESL classes in high schools, adult schools, community colleges and state colleges, and other sites. It is used in family literacy projects. It is used by English as a second language (ESL) teachers and literacy tutors. It is used in citizenship classes and CBET and EL Civics programs. It is also used in EFL classes.

Content is designed for learners of English. New words are defined. You will find idioms. Many of our readers are immigrants so citizenship and other useful information is featured. A story to read with children is included to support family literacy. We print student writing and class photos.

A Teacher's Corner is included. We are happy to give ESL teachers ideas on how to use the newspaper in the classroom. Easy English Times is designed to help new readers. We provide opportunities to interact with other ESL and literacy students, teachers and tutors.

Classroom and individual subscriptions are available. Discounts are given for class sets. We accept school purchase orders and credit card payments. You can order this English as a second language (ESL) and adult literacy newspaper by mail, by the month or by the year (10 issues). Contact us for international mail rates. We have added an online edition, especially for the convenience of international readers.

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Each newspaper has an extra page of learning activities and a crossword puzzle. You will be able to practice reading and understanding English while you are learning important information and vocabulary.

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